Samsung may postpone Galaxy Note9 launch


The Galaxy Note9 will be the next Samsung smartphone, the official announcement of which is expected late in the summer. It seems, however, that launching in stores will be a bit slower than in previous years. The decision does not concern development issues or the addition of a new function, but rather the ambitions of company vice president, Lee Jae-yong, who wanted the device to be thinner to provide a more enjoyable user experience.

According to an article published by The Bell, Lee Jae-yong stopped at a smartphone store in China on one of his business trips and was impressed by the terminals of companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo, and that they are more thinner than Notebooks, despite the fact that they use all Samsung displays. So he made the decision to ask the engineers to try to create a thinner case for Galaxy Note9.

It looks like the bottle on the display will have a lower thickness, which should give the user extra comfort in use. It is unclear whether this will also affect the resilience of the new model, but it is likely that such a decision would not be approved if it had any negative effects on the product. Since the phone is probably almost ready to be sent to manufacturing factories, such a delayed change will move the date it can be launched in stores. According to The Bell, Note9 could be delayed for about two weeks than originally scheduled, but it may still be released before Apple's new iPhone smartphones

Compared to last year's model, it is rumored that the new Galaxy Note9 will benefit from a slightly larger, 6.38 "diagonal display. Other important changes are not expected as it is expected to use the platform of the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the only important difference in design is to move the fingerprint sensor under the cameras

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