Samsung may prepare a Galaxy S9 Mini for mid-range premium

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Samsung dropped its flagship models three years ago, but it could bring them back to market in 2018. According to a Geekbench database, there is a new Samsung unlisted smartphone called SM-G8750, which could be a mid-range version of the Galaxy S9, which could be named "Mini" in the queue, but which is also different from the Galaxy A8, the mid-range premium already available on the market.

Listing on Geekbench does not give us too much information about the smartphone's final name but provides a short list of hardware and software features. We're dealing with a device based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 660 or 636 chipset, 4GB of RAM, and perhaps a Full HD + display like the Galaxy A8. Since the release is due to take place during the current year, the fact that the phone comes with pre-installed Android 8.0 is not a big surprise.

This pattern appeared apparently in China, so we may not see it in other markets, at least in the beginning. It is curious, however, that such a device might exist, as the Galaxy A device family is exactly what the "Mini" was in the past: a cheaper design device and some high-end borrowed capabilities .

The last model in the Galaxy S Mini family was the Galaxy S5 Mini, which disappeared from the market at about the same time as the mid-range models began to be delivered with larger displays. The only companies that offer more "modest" versions of their phones are Sony, which still produces a "Compact" device, Huawei with the Lite and HTC range, which from time to time launch mid-range devices in appearance with the top ones.

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