Samsung may release Galaxy Note9 earlier than planned


Geekbench, Galaxy Note9 could be closer to launch than we think, Samsung wanting to compensate for the below-expected sales with the Galaxy S9 series. At the same time, early release would avoid immediate entry into competition with the new iPhone X series of phones expected in September

A good clue for changing the launch date is Samsung's decision to start production of AMOLED screens for the Galaxy Note8 as early as April and not June as originally planned. Of course, the purpose of this measure could be a preventive one, to ensure sufficient stocks of Note8 handsets at the time of launch.

According to revelations in the South Korean newspaper The Investor, Galaxy Note8 increases screen diagonal to 6.38 ", compared to 6.32" on the previous model. Unfortunately, Samsung is unlikely to take over the hidden fingerprint sensor already seen on the Vivo X20 Play UD. It would be blame for technology still immature, which involves a great deal of compromise on image quality.

Even if launched earlier, Galaxy Note8 will not run out of competition for a long time, Apple is preparing a rival, taking the form of an iPhone 6.45 "OLED screen.

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