Samsung may use flexible batteries that bend over the shell of new smartphone products with foldable screen

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The information that Samsung is preparing a new smartphone concept with flexible screen, and their development is already at an advanced stage, has surpassed for some time the rumor stage. The question now is how revolutionary the Samsung engineers will be designing and whether the new products will succeed in convincing them through the benefits they offer

According to information from the Samsung partners in China, the new foldable handset models ready for launch next year will incorporate a type of Li-Ion battery that can be safely bent

For the purpose, Samsung would have called for a new battery manufacturing process, first demonstrated in 2014. At the time, the main obstacle was the limited power storage capacity, limited to just 210 mAh for prototype versions

Promising almost five years ago, mobile fold-away phones have been repeatedly postponed, waiting for technologies that can meet the rigors of a design that no longer protects electronic components in a rigid case. Energy consumption is another sensitive issue, the screen being carried out on a much larger surface risking to seriously affect the autonomy.

Filling every corner of the casing, including non-rigid portions, the new battery packs provided by Samsung SDI could lead to storage capacity to an unattainable level with conventional batteries. According to the latest rumors, Samsung is about to start production for two flexible battery models with capacities of 3000 mAh and 6000 mAh.

From the information we have circulated so far, we find out that Samsung will first launch the Galaxy S10, a conventional design flagship, no later than January 2019. Limited production, the Galaxy X foldable model will be officially unveiled at the MWC 2019 (25- February 28, 2019), availability in stores being assured in spring next year

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