Samsung opens biggest smartphone factory in India

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Samsung now has the largest smartphone factory in the world. It was opened in Noida, India, the plan being that the new factory doubles the number of devices the company produces. Of course, not only smartphones, but also other smart and even home appliances in the future. Since the demand for devices has begun to decline in the rest of the world, India seems to be a "future market."

The Noida plant should increase the number of Samsung mobile devices from 67 million today to 120 million. Already about 10% of the Korean company's production of devices was made in India, with the value going up to 50% over the next three years. The factory is not only a strategic move for easier access to the Indian market, but will also provide lower costs for delivery of devices in the surrounding countries

Samsung is already the largest smartphone maker in the world, being in first place in sales for a very long time, the second being disputed by Apple and Huawei in recent years. With such a large device production, it is curious to see if there is enough demand for so many Samsung mobile devices in the market, especially when we consider that the mid-range range now offers a lot of competent options at advantageous prices

Probably not even the high-end device range will get too much production volume as the Galaxy S8 and S9 have seen a decline in sales versus the S7 generation and Galaxy Note9 does not seem to be very different from of the model last year.

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