Samsung prepares a new wireless charging adapter, much faster than those used so far


Introduced in Samsung products with the Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge + series, the wireless charging technology still leaves room for the speed and range of the power adapter

If we really have a lot of time to wait for real wireless charge, a few inches or even meters away from the power adapter, things are a bit better in terms of speed. At the final stage of the certification for sale, a new wireless adapter developed by Samsung increases to 25W the power delivered to compatible devices. With the EP-N6100 model name, the new Samsung adapter is considerably better than the predecessor EP-N5100, capable of delivering only 15W power

For comparison, an AC adapter compatible with Quick Charge technology delivers an overall power of 18W through the USB-C cable

Rated to be equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, Galaxy Note9 could be the main recipient of the new accessory. Unfortunately, to get the maximum upload speed in wireless mode, explicit hardware support is required, and current smartphone models are not compatible

As for the Samsung EP-N6100, it is likely to be proposed as an optional accessory for Galaxy Note9 phone buyers, at a price comparable to the previous model of approximately $ 50 .

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