Samsung proposes Galaxy smartphone design with "bangs"

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We are accustomed to seeing all sorts of more or less strange designs in Samsung's patents, but the latest is neither out of the ordinary nor original, but just surprising from the company. Even if there are chances that a smartphone such as the one in the images will never be launched by Samsung, the company seems to even consider the possibility of launching a "bang" smartphone, similar to Apple's iPhone X and the rest of the " clones ".

The patent in question was registered in China on March 30, 2018, so long after many similar design smartphones came to market. The images describe a design very similar to the iPhone X, being the only other phone that does not have a thicker frame at the bottom. Also, the "bang" is quite wide, the images describing either a dual-camera system, or a normal camera and an iris reader, the call speaker being positioned in their center.

Otherwise, the phone seems to have a "standard" design for the Samsung Galaxy S series, with a curved screen on the side and a glass back. Curiously, however, is the location of the cameras in the top left corner, a design that reminiscent of the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus models. It also lacks a Bixby button, while the headphone jack is still at the bottom next to the USB Type-C port. Another missing element is the fingerprint sensor, but it can be integrated into the display.

This design may not be used in the company's high-end models, as the Galaxy Note9 is expected to look similar to Note8, but with small changes especially at the back where the fingerprint sensor could be moved under the room, or completely eliminated in favor of an integrated solution in the display. Is this the Galaxy S10? Galaxy S X? We will find out more if the company even takes into account the realization of this project.

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