Samsung released and then withdrew its update to Android 8.0 for the Galaxy S8


Samsung started just a few days ago to deliver a final version of Android 8.0 Oreo to Galaxy S9 users, but the company stopped the launch without giving any further details. Those who succeeded in installing the new software will still be able to use it at the risk of having problems, but those who are on Android 7 will have to wait for a "repaired" version that should be released again the near future.

It's not clear why Samsung has stopped updating Galaxy S8 updates, but the most likely scenario is finding a major problem at the last minute. According to SamMobile, the company is already working on developing a new version of the upgrade, but there is no specific launch date. The software package has been completely removed from Samsung's servers, so those who still want to do the update have no official source to download it from.

Fortunately, the problem update has reached a small number of users, as it was first sent to those who were enrolled in the beta version testing program. The devices that received the update were largely in Europe and surrounding countries such as Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Norway and some in the East such as the United Arab Emirates and India

While Samsung is hindering on the road to delivering software upgrades for a single top-end model, smaller companies such as HMD Global are able to deliver the latest Android on a larger beach of entry-level, at mid-range and even high-end. Of course, the changes made by Samsung's Android operating system are consistent and need to be adapted after every new version of Google, while HMD delivers clean Android phones that can be more easily adapted to its devices

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