Samsung reveals an SSD with 8TB storage capacity and 12GB of DDR4 cache, promising unprecedented performance in the industry

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Adapted to the next generation NF1 format, the NVMe 1.3 SSD is also one of the few PCI-e 4.0-compliant devices. It reaches the capacity of 8TB storage space using 16 Samsung V-NAND modules, each 512GB each.

Optimized for use in server systems, for tasks involving a large amount of write / read and concurrent data access, the new Samsung SSDs come equipped with an impressive 12GB of LPDDR4 memory, used to temporarily store frequently accessed data, and almost instantaneous download of write tasks before data is transferred for long-term storage in NAND flash

Samsung's specifications specify 50,000 I / O operations per write / read jobs and transfer speeds of 3100 MB / s write and 2000 MB / s when reading data. According to the company, the NF1 NVMe SSD devices have a 3-year warranty, with a daily write volume of up to 1.3x storage capacity and 11388 TB cumulative writing for the 8TB

Unfortunately, beyond the undeniably expensive price, the Samsung NF1 NVMe SSDs still pose an obstacle for enthusiastic consumers who may be tempted to upgrade. The NF1 format is not currently supported by common motherboards

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