Samsung to launch Galaxy X in 2019 with foldable screen and high price

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Galaxy X, Samsung's foldable smartphone appears in public attention from time to time, but it never comes as a big deal about it. Whether we are talking about design, price or internal hardware, the phone developed internally under the name "Valley" by the Korean manufacturer remains a simple project. 2018 may be the year when this secret prototype advances to the final product stage, the company renaming the project in "Winter", the time the device should enter the last phase of development

New images with proposed designs and details of Galaxy X's development have appeared in the Korean press, The Bell magazine reporting important changes in the company regarding this device. Changing the internal code name suggests that internal prototypes have been promising so far so that they could result in an ultimate device that meets Samsung's standards. It seems that Samsung wants to complete the development process this winter, this period being also the time when internal components and partnerships with component manufacturers will be established

According to the new details of the Galaxy X, it seems that Samsung will not just make a smartphone with a foldable screen, but rather a new "clamshell" smartphone that can display content both inside and outside. Inside, the OLED screen will be split into two halves of 3.5 ", while a single 3.5" panel will be positioned on the outside. This way, some of the functionality can be accessed even when the phone is folded on the secondary screen.

Of course, this device will not be as accessible as the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note models. It will be an exclusive model with a price that will be produced in a limited amount. The reason for the low availability is linked both to the manufacturing process that is expected to be very expensive and to the fact that very large sales for such a "concept" phone are not expected

This is not the first time Samsung is launching a more "weird" product on the market to test the public's reaction, the 2014 Galaxy Note Edge model being the one that tested the reaction to phones with curved side screens. Now all top Samsung phones come with such a design. As the launch of the Galaxy X is expected at MWC 2019, alongside the Galaxy S10, it would not be unusual for the technologies developed for the new handset to be adopted in the near future for Samsung's entire range of premium smartphones.

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