Save on Amazon: Online Shopping, True Yet

That's why we present Here is an overview of the best tips, tricks and strategies for finding the products you want most favorably.

Compare prices helps

One of the best strategies to save money on shopping is the price comparison. There are two very basic methods. One uses external price search engines like Idealo. You are looking for products and supposedly find the cheapest prices. Supposedly because even these and other big price search engines (miser, paymaster, and others) do not have all the products from all the dealers in your list. Some providers do not even want their prices are used for comparison. And offline shops are not connected to the databases. That's why it even happens that a dealer offers you around the corner a product at a better price than the cheapest online shop.

But there is another price comparison that you should not shy away from, namely the at Amazon itself. The company does not always show the best price for a product when you are on the product page. In addition, there are various entries in the catalog for the same product. For example, you are looking for package tape, light bulbs or cleaning cloths and receive dozens of clues. It is worth comparing the prices. You may even pay more for a triple pack than for three individual roles. The individual products vary as well. Not only do you get package tape in different lengths, but also detergent in as many cardboard boxes that, like drinks, it helps to calculate the unit price / liter price / kilo price.

Save at Amazon with CamelCamelCamel

A special Helpful service carries the initially absurd name "CamelCamelCamel". The platform offers a search function for products. You can sign up and be notified by email when a particular item reaches your desired price. Incidentally, this works in three categories: Amazon itself, third-party and used products. You can set up three different prices on the platform. If the item reaches the desired price, you will receive an e-mail.

CamelCamelCamel helps you to save money in a comfortable way. You can also see the price history on the platform and know, for example, whether the product has cost less or whether the price has remained stable in recent months. Accordingly, this helps you in the purchase decision.

Saving with B-Ware: The Amazon Warehouse Deals

The vendor recognized early on that the business with used goods or returns can still be worthwhile at any time. Therefore, there are so-called Warehouse Deals at the provider. You save 50 percent and more on tested goods. If you like, this is the digital garbage bin.

In fact, the company offers in this segment itself many returns, which are often new, but whose buyers have returned the goods anyway. You get almost everything you can buy there, now as a warehouse deal. Even with food you will find occasionally used goods. In this case, however, the chocolate bar is not yet bitten, but perhaps the outer packaging is no longer available or close to the best before date.

Special offers (for Prime customers)

If you earlier summer and Winter sales are now in principle 365 days a year bargain season. This is especially true for Amazon. The company now presents daily the offers of the day and the so-called flash offers. The former are actually reduced only on the day you advertise. In special phases, which are marketed in numerous shops (Easter, Pentecost, Valentine's Day, etc.), the discounts are a bit larger than usual.

The flash offers at the online retailer Amazon are even valid for only a few hours and also limited to a certain quota. You can then see a countdown on the product page and also a bar that visually shows you what percentage of the goods have already been registered for purchase by other Amazon users. If 100% has been registered, you can still be placed on a waiting list. If a buyer drops off, you may get the chance. As a prime customer you will often get the chance to decide earlier than non-prime customers whether a purchase order is interesting for you in both daily and flash offerings.

Products of daily use by subscription

In addition, the online retailer now offers a large number of everyday products (detergents, food, care products, etc.). For some goods, the company offers you the chance to permanently save against the normal price, if you decide, for example, to buy the Spültabs in the "Sparabo". You specify the frequency with which you want to deliver the product. If the price changes in the meantime, you benefit as well. While the company does not officially offer a price guarantee, contacting our customer service is often very accommodating in our experience. Incidentally, this also applies if you buy Amazon products on one day, which gives it the next for even less money.

In some cases, there are also promotion codes and vouchers to products from the savings subscription yet once to get cheaper. These actions are often also based on seasonal events. The spring cleaning almost invites you to give special discounts on cleaning agents.

Save even more

As a family, you can save even more thanks to the Amazon Family. The online shop offers in this column, especially for customers with Prime membership even more discounts on products that you could use particularly well. For example, an additional 20 percent on diapers. In addition, you will always receive information on specially discounted products. When you deposit your children's birth dates, you will receive special offers tailored to your child's birthdays. Of course, it is up to you whether you recognize an advantage in it, or rather enjoy your privacy and Amazon does not share this information.

Bargain alarm at Amazon and Co.

Through the Internet and also has price search engines the shopping behavior changes. There are dozens of websites offering new bargains every day. Some of them make advertising in print, radio and television. Others have been developed mainly through word of mouth. One of the largest German-language websites on the subject is certainly MyDealz, which copied from its UK source HUKD, similar to StudiVZ's Facebook at the time.

In the meantime, the platform has established itself and added its own functions. In essence, bargain hunters present particularly cheap products. The users then decide with their voice whether the offer is good or bad. For example, advertising entries are quickly exposed and alleged offers are revealed as rivets. But the sheer size of the platform also ensures that the quota of merchandise of some merchants ratzfatz is running low. Sometimes just a few minutes are enough for a promotion advertised on MyDealz to be sold out again. If it's a hint on Amazon, you'll usually also find out if you enjoy special benefits with Amazon Prime. They even get suggestions on whether buying a book could help save on shipping costs. Possible Amazon vouchers are also mentioned in the offer in more beautiful regularity.

Best Prices of the Year? Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Every November this bargain is between Black Friday and Amazon on Cyber ​​Monday (which follows Friday). The Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. This in turn takes place on the fourth Thursday of each month. On Friday, the family weekend begins and traditionally the Christmas shopping season.

The retail industry then offers many products for a short time, always the best deals. Statistically, however, samples show that online shopping does not automatically mean that every offer is the best in this phase. But on average, you get on this day of the year especially goods from the range of technology but also travel as cheap as the rest of the year. Therefore, you should postpone some purchases that are not particularly urgent at this time of year.

Note : "Black Friday" did not spring from the stock market crash of 1929. The took place in the US namely on a Thursday. Only the next day crashed the stock exchanges in Europe.

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