Saving iPhone contacts to Excel spreadsheet – how it works

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How to Export Contacts from iCloud

First, start your web browser on Mac – preferably Safari – and then call Log in there with your Apple ID and password. Then click on “Contacts”. In the sidebar, select “All Contacts” and then click the gear icon in the bottom left corner.

Click on “Select All” and then on the gear again. Now select “Export vCard”. The VCF file is stored by default in the download folder. Then call up the page of the vCard converter in your browser. Click on “Choose File” and select the newly created vCard file. Then you should select the following settings:

Format : First select “CSV”, right next to it “Comma” and put a tick on “Add header line”

Encoding : Select “Unicode (UTF-8)”

Filter : No selection

Modifications : no selection

Then click “Convert” to have the CSV file created and automatically loaded into your download folder. Open the freshly created file. The CSV file can be opened with Numbers or Microsoft Excel, but we have encountered a problem with the presentation in the latter, so we recommend using Numbers.


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