Scan credit card data with the iPhone camera – how it works

For some time now, you have the option to deposit your own credit card data in the iCloud. Once you have to enter them in Safari, they are available to you via the automatic fill-in function. This only requires the security code of the card when paying. We would like to show you how to easily scan your credit card details.

Who over the Buying Safari browsers with the iPhone will not only delight you with automatically filling out your address details, it's also available for credit card details, making it quicker and easier to make purchasing even easier. You do not have to enter the data manually, but you can easily enter one cannen.

How to scan your credit card on iPhone

You do not need to visit a shop and initiate a payment process to enter your card details. It works much easier.

Open the Settings app and select "Safari". In the General section, tap "Auto. and then on "Secured Credit Cards."

You will be prompted to unlock the option by Touch ID, Face ID, or Password. Then tap on "New credit card" and select "Use camera" above Place your card on a firm surface and move your iPhone so that the card is inside the marker, depending on the light and the nature of the card the scanning process may be more or less successful.

Enter the unfilled data manually and then tap "Done." You can now exit the settings and conveniently shop via Safari, as you only need the security code of your credit card.

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