Huawei has just confirmed the date of the Huawei P20 (or P11?) Presentation event, and the details of the new device available so far have been quite limited. It seems, however, that we have images for the first time with the new flagship of the Chinese company, from two sources. The first seem to be "spy" images with the device protected by a housing that hides the exterior design, while the secondary set seems to come from an accessory manufacturer.

Whether we look at photos of a device that appears to be real, or the "product" with different case designs, the Huawei P20 seems to borrow some design lines from the iPhone X, the top smartphone launched by Apple in November 2017. On the front, we can see a "hole" in the display, similar to the "bang" on the iPhone, but smaller, where a facial recognition system, a front camera, proximity and ambient light and call speaker.

On the back, the phone seems to be equipped with the first "triple camera" system, with three sensors and three lenses, along with a laser focusing system and a flash at the bottom. They are vertically arranged and framed in an oval on the left side, the overall look very similar to the one on the iPhone X. We do not yet know what extra features this camera system will offer and we can not see in these images branding- Leica, which suggests we're dealing with 3D renders, not real-world photos with the back of the device.

Other details about the exterior of the phone are the three buttons that are located on the right side and the absence of a fingerprint sensor. It could be integrated into the display, Chinese companies such as Vivo already providing a device equipped with this technology for sale, or maybe Huawei decided to follow Apple's example and completely drop this component for authentication

Finally, there seems to be a Huawei P20 with a more traditional design, probably a "Lite" variant. The picture with this model describes a 16: 9 normal screen phone with a dual camera system and a fingerprint sensor on the back. Most likely, this model will replace the P10 lite model last year.

These are just the first images with Huawei's new flagship. But they align with the older information we have received, including the shape of the "bang" in the display being similar to what we saw in December as a leak. Last but not least, the rumors talked about three P20 models: the standard one and the one Lite, which we saw in these pictures, and a "Pro" version with the three centrally positioned cameras similar to those on Huawei Mate 10 Pro. We will alpha all the details about Huawei P11 / P20 at the end of March

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