SD Association announces a new format for SD memory cards, allowing capacities of up to 128TB

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Even if they have the size of a stamp, the SD memory cards may someday hide all of a user's movie and picture collection without having to transfer the files to a separate storage device

SDC's new SDC SDK format allows transfer speeds of up to 985 MB / s and storage (theoretical) up to 128TB. At present, this capacity is not being offered by any commercial storage device, so cluttering such a large volume of data into the space of a postage stamp, probably requiring technologies that are not even present

To better understand the amount of storage space, a 128 TB SD card could accommodate more than 25,000 HD movies, 25.6 million MP3 tracks, or 256 million pictures with a medium file size 500KB. For comparison, Spotify's entire bookstore totals about 35 million songs.

Rather, until the technology reaches the theoretically permissible storage capacity, the SD memory cards will be replaced by a better format. At least in the short term, a replacement with great chances of success seems to be the microSD format. Much more compact, microSD memory cards are already widely accepted as a solution to supplement the internal memory of smart phones, most tablets and laptop systems. The same can not be said about the SD Card format, which is limited to certain dedicated camera models and camcorders

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