Security companies claim to crack iOS 11

IT security is one of the selling points of Apple and especially iOS was for a long time considered hardly, or with each Updat It’s even harder to crack. Hackers, jailbreakers, law enforcement and security firms regularly bit their teeth. But that seems to be over for iOS 11 now. Only a few days ago, the Israeli company Cellebrite claimed to have access to locked iOS devices, now reports the business magazine Forbes about another company. Also Grayshift from the USA should be a Unlock succeeded, a corresponding tool offers the company now.

It will not be cheap

Grayshift should be able to unlock iOS 10 and 11, iOS 9 should follow. It does not matter on which iPhone the software is running, even an iPhone X should be unlocked. How exactly the security mechanisms set up by Apple are bypassed is not known. Probably by a brute-force attack, so trying out possible code combinations, although this should actually be impossible on iOS. The tool sold under the name GrayKey is said to cost police and other security agencies in the smaller version $ 15,000. According to the developer, this would allow up to 300 iOS devices to be unlocked. The unlimited version is even more than $ 30,000, Grayshift says.

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