Sending Large Attachments to the iPhone with Mail Drop – Here’s how

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iCloud has been deeply integrated with the system for several years now. In addition to accessing iCloud Drive files, iOS 11 has another interesting feature in store. With the help of Mail Drop, you can also send very large files by e-mail, so that even the e-mail servers of the recipients in future no longer cause problems because the file is too large. We’d like to show you how to use Mail Drop in everyday life.

How to Use Mail Drop to Send Large Attachments with Mail on iPhone

Since iOS 9.2, Mail Drop automatically appears when an attached file exceeds 20 MB in size and you want to send the email. Depending on the file, this works more or less reliably. For image files, however, only asked if you want to reduce the image size. If one insists on the original size, however, the “Mail Drop” function comes to the fore.

Open Mail and create a new E-Mail. To add an attachment, double-tap an empty row to display a context menu. Select either “Add photo or video” or “Add attachment”. In the latter case, you can choose files from your cloud stores in the Files app style using Browse> Locations.

After you have attached a large file, you can tap “Submit” to get a Message – “Mail Drop: This attachment is too large to email the sender.” Will Mail Drop be used to deliver this attachment via iCloud? It will be available the next 30 days. “Select” Use Mail Drop “.

The e-mail will be sent as usual, but this may be for a moment because the file is being uploaded to iCloud.

The recipient will receive only a download link to the file instead of an email with an attachment. Incidentally, the link can be easily used on any operating system without any additional software. By the way, it is advisable that you refer to the content of the download link in the e-mail.

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