Share HomePod on the Network for Everyone – Here’s how

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Apple’s HomePod currently does not recognize two or more people in the voice. This allows anyone nearby to use the Smart Speaker via voice input. When used via the iOS device, Apple is much more restrictive and provides the owner with some options so that, for example, only certain users can start playback.

How to change the access permission for the HomePod

Apple has included in the Home app an option that allows you to share AirPlay speakers with other users. Of course this also applies to the HomePod. So that no stranger can start playing in front of your house, you should take a look at the settings.

First, open the Home app on one of your iOS devices. Select the tab “Home” and then tap on the symbol with the house in the upper left corner. In the house settings, you can see the control panel, invite people, add notes, change the wallpaper, or even configure speaker sharing. To do so, tap on “Allow speaker access”. You are now offered four options:

  • Allen: Anyone near the HomePod can use the Smart Speaker. This option, if any, is only recommended in combination with “password required”. Without additional protection, do not select the option.
  • Everyone on the same network: Anyone on your network can also play audio content on HomePod or other AirPlay speakers
  • People only In this home: With these options, only people invited to your household can access the HomePod or other AirPlay 2 devices.
  • Required Password: Any of the above options can also be combined with password protection so you can give more clearance for sharing your AirPlay speakers.

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