Sharp announced Aquos R2, a well-equipped Japanese flagship with dual-camera system


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Despite the fact that they are not launched outside of Japan, Sharp smartphones prove to be among the most exciting ones on the market every year. These were among the first to go to a frameless design around the display and now they are trying to be among the first to offer an innovative dual-camera system with different lens for shooting and shooting with the new Aquos R2. Nor is the rest of the new hardware components to be ignored.

Sharp's Aquos R2 has an unusual design and is equipped with a 6 "19: 9 and 3.040 x 1.440 pixel display that uses a" high-speed "IGZO panel, which suggests it can display images with a frequency 120 Hz, like last year's Aquos R. It has a top cut for the front camera and is compatible with Dolby Vision HDR. At the bottom, a "home" button with a fingerprint sensor can be seen on a rather pronounced "chin"

Inside, we find a Snapdragon 845 chipset, industry standard for high end models, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage space and a 3,130 mAh battery. The dual-camera system, however, seems to be the main attraction of Aquos R2, equipped with a 22.6 megapixel sensor for photos and a 16.3 megapixel sensor for shooting. The latter has a 135-degree upslope lens that can shoot more vertically and horizontally.

The advantage of these two cameras is that they can work simultaneously. While many other smartphones can capture images during filming, they are generally screenshots of the recorded video, at a lower quality than normal. Sharp Aquos R2 uses 20 megapixel camera for photos for high-quality photos

The phone will soon arrive in Japan's stores and probably will not be offered for sale on the West Market too soon. Since the phone benefits from an audio jack, water resistance and top hardware, we would love to see a Japanese flagship in the Western market competition, which is now dominated by American, Chinese and Korean manufacturers.

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