A man who used the Find My iPhone service to get his loyal wife risked spending 15 years in prison. Applications of this kind are available for both the dominant mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.

Sean Donis, from New Jersey, USA, suspects his wife, Nancy, to mistaken him. Thus, through the service, he found out where the woman's iPad tablet was when she told her she was going to have dinner with several colleagues. Donis learned that his wife was at home with her boss, a man named Albert Lopez.

Angry, the man went to the lover's house to catch the two together. He broke into the house and gave in a room the two lover. He pulled out the cell phone and began filming them. In the clip, the two are naked. Then, according to the accusers, the man sent the record to Nancy's relatives.

With these actions, Sean Donis violated several laws. He broke into a home and distributed the video with two lovers naked on the internet.

After the incident in 2016, the two spouses divorced. However, the court has not yet decided what penalty Sean Donis will receive. He risks spending at worst 15 years after bars. The lawyer of the accused says, however, that Donis "deserves a medal" because "he has shown a lot of self-control".

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