Should Obama Be Sent To Jail For Faking Russian Hack?


Patriots across the country have been preaching about how the media has been lying to us about this hacking since their nonsense started.

We now have MORE evidence to confirm what we already knew–there was no Russian hack.

Obviously, the Left was banking on Hillary Clinton to win the election. No liberal in a MILLION years would have guessed that Donald Trump would rain on their parade. We are SO glad that he did.

If this story had broken and stuck; if it had been true, it could have caused some problems for our President. Everyone is well aware of how psychotic the Left is, and at this point, doesn’t expect any better of them. There needs to be a full investigation into this “plan,” a plan crafted by the Obama administration.

Should Obama be sent to jail for faking the Russian Hack?

Some conservatives believe the end of the Robert Mueller investigation should be the beginning of a new season of investigations — into Democrats and the mainstream media.

In tweets shared over the weekend, Turning Point USA president Charlie Kirk demanded prison time for people involved in the Mueller investigation, while former Bush administration spokesperson Ari Fleischer argued that the Trump administration should now investigate former President Barack Obama. And Fox News’s Sean Hannity railed against the media for being “FAKE NEWS LIARS.”

Overall, Republicans and conservatives celebrated the end of the Mueller investigation as the end of every investigation into Donald Trump. Some were giddy with excitement and lib-owning, cheering on what they viewed as another massive victory for the president over his left-leaning opponents. And others were now celebrating the same special counsel some once argued was hopelessly biased against Trump. Meanwhile, a handful of Trump-skeptical conservatives greeted the news of Mueller’s report with urges for caution — and demands for the full report to be released.

The response from the right is an early indication of what the next two years could have in store as Trump starts campaigning in full for reelection. While many conservatives are thrilled to see the end of a two-year investigation into the president of the United States, others are demanding more investigations.


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