The calendar with all prizes on act 2 of the Simpsons Springfield Moes Ark event with tips. Anyone who has been with Act 1 will know what to do. Interesting is therefore less, how you collect the event currency animal tracks, but rather, how many you need to create all the prizes.

In Act 2 you can further expand the zoo by adding new enclosures. Anyone who has saved the zoo loans can also directly upgrade the new enclosures, unlock new animals (which are just optical in Act 1) and decorations.

Simpsons Springfield: Everything about Act 2 and the Animal Tracks

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All about the Moes Arche Event on Act 2 by Simpsons Springfield with tips and more - Image (c) EA

How to get to the event currency Animal Traces in Act 2

With act 2 there is a new event currency, the animal tracks. These collect it to collect all the prizes in Moose Ark. Now, of course, one asks oneself the question, how do you get these? This is identical to Act 1, so here's the list again:

  • Tap the entrance to the Springfield Zoo and send off Springfield residents:
    The higher the bonus (ie items placed in the area of ​​the By default, there are 40 animal tracks (normal characters) and 80 animal tracks (Premium Characters)
  • Tapping Zoo Visitors in Your City (4 Animal Tracks)
  • Zoo Touch Visitors in Other Springfield (4 Animal Tracks)
  • Invasive Frogs in Other Springfields (Is your friend typing this or automatically after 24 hours you receive the reward)
  • Touch Invasive Frogs in your Springfield
  • Play through the storyline
  • Day challenges (up to 400 animal tracks)
    - Touch 30 zoo visitors
    - Complete 4 zoo jobs
    - 3 invasive frogs at other Spri expose ngfields

Generate bonus animal tracks

Also in Act 2 you can again increase the bonus on the animal tracks by adding bonus objects in the area of ​​the zoo Input. Note that you only get to them by unlocking the objects at the zoo. Here's the list:

These figures can be sent to Jobs

Below is a list of characters that can be sent to Jobs during Act 2 of Moes Ark, more specifically these can work at the Emu experience and / or the land of big cats. Next come in Act 2 new enclosures. This will earn you animal tracks and zoo loans.

  • Standard: Lisa, Homer, Ned, Cletus, Krusty, Milhouse, Skinner, Apu, Marge, Bart, Martin, Moe, Comic Book Seller
  • . 7 Price from Act 2: Brittany Brockman
  • Premium: Azzlan, Kitenge, Allison Taylor

Build animal track site and automatically collect zoo visitors

Remember also in Act 2 again every 4 hours to touch the animal feed. As a result, all zoo visitors are automatically collected, as are the invasive frogs. This eliminates the annoying search for these.

Overview of Prices in Act 2

Below is an overview of the prices for Act 2 of the Moes Arche Event. In addition, you can see how much animal tracks you need for every price. As usual, we also have a calendar with a timetable ready, so you can see how much animal tracks you have to collect to collect all prices on time!

Tabular list of prices

In the table below you can see the prices, how many animal tracks you need and what the price brings you.

# Price Necessary Animal Traces Description
1 Squid and Sailor 4000 Decoration
2 Free Land Mark 11400 Free country extension
3 Slimu Auditoriu 19000 Building (200 S $ every 12 hours)
4 3000 Zoo Loans 26800 Special Currency
5 Large Level 35000 New Enclosure
6 Free Land Trademark 43700 Free Land Extension
7 T-Rex 57000 New Figure

Calendar with Schedule for Act 2 of the Moes Ark Events

On the following calendar you can see how many animal tracks you should have until the end of the day unlock all prizes at the end of the act. Please note that we have a buffer in here. You also have time until 29th of August 29th, so if you run short, you still have some time.

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Simpsons Springfield Moes Ark Act 2 Calendar: How to Get All Prizes

On August 29, 2018 will start at 4pm CEST Act 3.

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