Siri becomes smarter at WWDC 2018

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Becomes Apple’s Siri smarter or not? We can not answer that clearly. What is certain is that Apple always works on his language assistant anyway. Updates are recorded and are available immediately. This usually happens independently of the consumer. You do not have to update your iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS to make use of a cleverer Siri.

Reference to Update to WWDC

CNBC’s Todd Haselton now reports from the technical department Currently full of pride, that the language assistant would be cleverer in the context of WWDC 2018. He justified this with a response from Siri to his request: “Tell me about WWDC.”

The problem is, Siri gives the same answers this year as in the last one Year too. This was pointed out by Dave Mark from The Loop, among others. Incidentally, this has now penetrated to CNBC, which is why at the end of the post a corresponding hint was formulated.

One way or the other: Will Siri be smarter?

One can of course at first glance, the answers Siris are the same as the year before. The only problem is that the facts can still apply. Because of course, Apple may announce a major update for the language assistant in early June.

That would be appropriate in any case. Because meanwhile it has already noticed the users that Siri pulls the shorter compared to the Google Assistant and Alexa. There were and are, however, enough other indications that the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino wants to further improve the technology. In addition to more new job openings, it has also wooed employees of Google, which could help to improve Siri.

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