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Es is an open secret: Apple only bought Siri as a language assistant years ago, and some of the inventors of the language assistant were still working years at Apple. Then the ways parted.

Bixby Like Siri?

Some creative minds (Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham) wanted to reinvent the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčArtificial Intelligence and founded a new project called Viv , It was meant to revolutionize the world of language assistants. Viv is called Bixby today and now belongs to Samsung. This second language assistant of the Siri inventors is evidently experiencing the same fate.

Apple Appears Too Much To The Assistant

Another way was chosen by Norman Winarsky, who is also one of the founders of Apple’s current language assistant. He now distributes venture capital and teaches at colleges.

In an interview with Quartz, he now expresses his disappointment with the career of the former flagship product. Apple had a lot to Siri. But the product is not really mature and reliable. When Apple took over Siri in 2010, Winarsky still thought the iPhone maker would usher in the next revolution, as the company already did with the iPod or iPhone.

Siri’s Failure?

Winarsky had the hope that over time Siri would know more about the users and therefore could make suggestions in anticipatory obedience. He also thought that Siri would be able to talk much better to users over time, in a way that would surprise and astonish users with the language assistant’s abilities.

But the reality is different. Since the release of the HomePod it has been discussed once more publicly how “dumb” Siri is compared to Amazon’s Alexa but also Google’s assistant. It is interesting as a side note that Microsoft’s Cortana is often not mentioned, even though the language assistant does a decent job. The fact that Microsoft but the business with smartphones and tablets first overslept and then languished, the company comes only on small market shares.

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