Siri goes over Face ID and can read aloud the "hidden" notifications on the iPhone X


Apple often boasts the security of data stored on its mobile devices and especially with the intimate settings that are possible due to the new Face ID. It seems, however, that the Siri virtual assistant is plotting against these efforts. A new bug discovered in the latest version of iOS provides virtual assistant access to the lockscreen notifications, even if they are locked behind authentication through facial recognition

iPhone X has introduced a new privacy feature, only possible through Face ID. Basically, when you receive a notification, it is not fully displayed. You can only see the application icon that sent the notification, not its content, without the phone being unlocked. When the user who has Face ID registered looks at the phone, notifications are then displayed in full (message content, emails, etc.)

It seems, however, that anyone can read those messages if they wish, without having to go over the Face ID protection. A long push of the Power button on the iPhone X brings it to the forefront of Siri, who can read the contents of the notifications without retention, even if they are "hidden". Fortunately, however, Siri only has access to AppStore app notifications, Apple's and integrated operating systems are still protected (iMessage, Mail, Phone, etc.). Temporary protection against this bug is disabling notifications for each application on the main screen.

This bug was discovered on iOS 11.2.6, the latest public version, and could be repeated including the latest iOS 11.3 beta. According to 9to5mac, those who have discovered the problem have already reported to Apple and with some luck perhaps version 11.3 of the operating system will no longer provide such easy access to user's personal data

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