Siri "killed" Stan Lee. The virtual assistant was misled by Wikipedia

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Virtual Assistants can make our lives easier by making orders simpler or more complicated without us having to handle a smartphone, keyboard or remote control just by voice control. But what we need to consider is that virtual assistants work using available online data, so many of their answers are "read" from other parts. That's why Siri Virtual Assistant on iOS has informed many users that Stan Lee, the famous comic book maker, has died

Stan Lee is one of his most beloved comic book makers, being responsible for many of Marvel's famous characters such as Spider-Man and X-Men. Despite the fact that Lee is 95 years old, he seems to be far from passing on to the other world, still present in public life and visiting various conventions devoted to comic strip fans such as the famous Comic Consoles in the United States

So, when Siri responded to the question, "What's Stan Lee doing?" With "Stan Lee dying on July 2", many were sad, but all he did was read the Wikipedia page where the user " & beer & love "added this information. Meanwhile, Stan Lee's Wikipedia page has been corrected, and Siri again offers the right answers. However, this may be a small alarm signal for all companies offering virtual assistants.

These AI-controlled software should have a secure database to inform their answers, Wikipedia being an open platform where anyone can add anything at any moment. There are many cases where celebrities' pages have been filled with false information over time.

Fortunately, the situation has passed, and Stan Lee is still alive. IOS users probably would not even have asked "What's Stan Lee doing?" If we were not very close to launching a new Marvel movie.

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