Siri shortcuts get in beta 4 new features iCloud Sync

Siri shortcuts get in beta 4 new features iCloud Sync

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The mid-September update for iOS 12 includes customizable shortcuts for Siri. In the pre-release version Beta 4, Apple is adding some new features, such as the Sync to iCloud. In this way, personally configured Siri Shortcut will automatically be available on all iOS devices of an Apple ID. This feature is self-evident, one might think.
At WWDC 2018, Apple introduced the so-called Siri shortcuts. These are personally customizable and customizable shortcuts for Siri voice control. This feature includes the App Workflow, which Apple took over last year. Add to that what's possible on the Mac with the Automator scripting tool.

Registered developers have released the fourth prerelease version of Siri Shortcuts since Thursday with the newly added sync of shortcuts set up on iCloud. But there are also other changes. How AppleInsider now executes shortcuts that access system settings that use the clipboard and that use the current location as the metadata. However, health shortcuts are no longer functional.

Colleagues expect Apple to deliver the Siri shortcuts through a 2.0 update to the App Workflow. Because the app is still available in the iOS App Store. In version 1.7.8, the app waits for the version jump after the availability of iOS 12, which is expected in the week following the iPhone presentation.

Without health shortcuts and with limited home kit functionality, however, the feature will be -Set on the shortcuts in a more stable version than the previous pre-release certainly still change extensively. Because in development versions, certain features are often turned off so that possible bugs in new features can be found faster.

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