Sketch with iOS 11 templates: Prototyping on Mac

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Apple Provides developers with templates to ensure the most consistent user interface design possible, and you can now integrate and download these templates with just a few mouse clicks in the Mac app Sketch n to create prototypes modeled on Apple in Sketch

Apple iOS UI in Sketch

To do so, enable the app in the app’s Preferences, in the “Libraries” tab Apple iOS UI. If Apple makes changes to the templates, Sketch will take over.

However, the integration with the app has only been simplified with the current update. For Apple itself has been on its website for a while, the matching templates for Sketch for download. It shows the publisher’s appreciation for this app.

Animations Between Screens

Another change in Sketch 49 is new animations. You can use these effects when switching from one screen to the next. You can download the app via the homepage of the supplier .

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