With more than 300 million users, Skype is still one of the most popular messenger services monthly. One feature is missing the Microsoft application but for years, but is finally retrofitted: An end-to-end encryption. Unfortunately, there are still a couple of big hook

Apple has been using encryption for a long time via iMessage, WhatsApp's industry-wide size has now been fully integrated, and the range of other encrypted messaging services, such as Threema and Telegram, is huge With Skype, thanks to a collaboration with the developers of the Signal app, should be finally change that. The Signal team provides Microsoft with its encryption system. The signal protocol is considered particularly secure and is already being used by several messenger services.

Not all chats and so far only beta

So far the good news. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations. For one thing, Microsoft has been using encryption only in the Skype version for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and Linux. This version is currently only available to participants of the Insider program. When Microsoft rolls out the final version to all users is still unclear. Once this is the case, at least messages between two people can be encrypted. Also audio files, pictures and videos can be sent safely. Unfortunately, group chats still can not be encrypted, and video calls, the most popular Skype feature, are also excluded from encryption.

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