Sleep Cycle: Apple Watch app intended to prevent snoring


Last year, the developers of Sleep Cycle introduced a snore detection on the iPhone. With the “Apple Watch” app, you now go one step further and try to prevent the snoring with the Taptic Engine. This is to trigger a gentle vibration on the wrist as soon as the iPhone detects your snoring. However, the vibration or the tap should fail, that you will not be woken up by it. The sleep experts behind the app assume that by “tapping” you change your sleeping position and then no longer snore. This should not arouse your partner, because the Apple Watch tapping takes over.

To be able to use Sleep Cycle on your Apple Watch, you should install the latest version 5.5.0 (as of 04/20/18) and use the Watch Enable app on your watch. Afterwards, you can enable the snore-stopper for the Apple Watch in Sleep Cycle on the iPhone.

In addition, the app also offers a silent alarm to wake up. Again, instead of relying on a tone, one trusts in increasing vibration through the Taptic Engine. Of course, Apple already offers this feature by default, but in contrast, Sleep Cycle offers a sleep tracker that documents the length and quality of sleep in the health app.

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Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Developer: Northcube AB

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