Smart Launcher 5, a new alternative for customizing Android phones


Ready for the past two years, Smart Launcher 5 also adds support for adaptive themes and icons, a multi-faceted search mode and completely refreshed design

On the list of the most popular solutions for personalizing Android phones, Smart Launcher 3 gets a welcome upgrade

With a completely re-designed design, Smart Launcher 5 promises a better fit of interface elements and introduces support for adaptive themes that adjusts the colors used to match the background image shade set for the main screen.

The Ambient Theme system also includes adaptive icons, automatically modeled to get the most uniform look. In addition, we also have a new multifunction search bar useful for accessing contacts in the calendar and quickly launching applications.

Also available in free version, Smart Launcher 5 uses ad serving as a promotion, but they can be permanently removed if we opt to purchase the premium version of the app available for installation in the Google Play store

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