SmartDesk is a high-tech all-in-one $ 4,000

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Technological companies are still talking about futuristic futuristic "office of the future," but apart from Microsoft that launched the smart Surface Hub screen, few companies are down to business. Cemtrex, however, has gone to work and launched a new fully-equipped office called SmartDesk, which comes in the form of an all-in-one unit. It integrates everything you need to work in a modern office: three monitors, height-adjusting motors, keyboard and trackpad, scanner, wireless headphones and even a wireless charger for the phone.

SmartDesk is an adjustable bureau designed to be used both from the standard seat position and the feet for those who prefer it. It is equipped with an electronic control system, which uses motors integrated into the legs of the desk to raise or lower the whole system. The first thing that draws attention when you see SmartDesk in the pictures are the three monitors, however.

These are three identical models with 24 "Full HD Full Screen screens that also benefit from tactile surfaces, offering greater freedom of use. They are even equipped with a Leap Motion motion sensor, which uses a proprietary gesture system for even touchless interaction. The SmartDesk system has cameras, one for 5 megapixel conferencing and 13 megapixel conferencing, which can be used to scan documents placed on the desk, thus removing the multifunctional "old"

The keyboard and trackpad are integrated into the office, like a laptop, but no one can stop you from attaching a separate mouse. On the right, under the monitor, there is also a space dedicated to wireless charging a smartphone, which lights in green when it is in use

Since SmartDesk is a modern office, it completely drops the fixed phone, and it is also integrated into the desk body via the computer. So, to take calls, Cemtrex also offers wireless headsets that have their dedicated drawer charging them.

All these are connected to an office-integrated Windows 10 PC system equipped with a state-of-the-art Core i7 processor, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA Quadro (optional P620 and P1000). There are also two stereo speakers. In terms of connectivity, the office offers a USB 3.1 Type-C, two USB 3.1 Type-A, two USB2, an audio jack and an Ethernet network port

All of this comes in one well-united unit, which costs a small fortune. At $ 3,999, the SmartDesk office may seem expensive for a normal user, but this is a business-oriented office. Price decreases on orders bigger.

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