Smartphone too slow? These are the biggest performance killer apps


If your smartphone is too slow or you have limited storage space, you should opt for a cleaner app. The most popular PC tool in this area is the CCleaner, which has now also been released in an Android version. The application, which can also be seen in the above video, scans your system and reliably detects useless files such as cache remains, browser histories and call lists. The Boost feature also frees your smartphone's memory from unnecessary ballast.
For even greater functionality, the Clean Master allows you to even scan your device for viruses and set passwords for other apps.
Avast also offers its own cleaner for Android smartphones. Although the PC version of Avast Cleanup does not enjoy a good reputation, it tries to make the Android app better under the same name. Although the app fulfills its service surprisingly well, with the automatic cleaning the user gets no information, which exactly deletes Avast Cleanup. If transparency is important, you should opt for the CCleaner or the Clean Master.


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