Smartphones that are not made in China? Yes, there are a few

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Today, most of the electronic devices are manufactured in China, because in Asia, labor costs are still low and there is no employee crisis. There are, however, other countries where such devices are assembled. Examples are Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan or Thailand.

Although the “Made in China” label is no longer synonymous with poor quality (let’s not forget that most of Apple products are assembled there, and Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi are Chinese companies), they are people who have more confidence in their products manufactured in other countries. At the same time, many users are afraid that the devices produced in the Asian state are being delivered with hidden hardware and hardware that enable the Chinese secret services to spy on Western citizens. As a bracket here, this does not happen, guaranteed by manufacturers with good reputations, such as Apple, Sony or Samsung. These brands are certified by US secret services to be used by public sector employees.

Last but not least, there are people who want to boycott the assembled products in Chinese factories, because many of them do not offer decent and decent work conditions for employees.

Having said that, is it hard to find a smartphone that is not produced in a Communist state? Depending on which brand / brands you prefer. If you are an Apple fan and you live in Europe, then the iPhone you buy from a store on the old continent is produced in China. If you live in the US there are chances that it will be assembled in Brazil. If you are a Samsung user and opt for a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series, then you can stay quiet because it was not manufactured in China.

A brand that does not produce any phones in China is HTC. The company has its own factories in the home country, Taiwan. Google Pixel 2 is also assembled there. The other smartphone from Google, Pixel 2 XL, is built by LG in one of its South Korean factories.

LG is also a company that produces its smartphones outside of China, more specifically in its factories in South Korea and, more recently, in India. In fact, LG has ceased to launch phones in China in mid-2016.

Few people know that Samsung’s two series ranges, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, are assembled in factories outside of China. The models of the two families are produced at the factories of South Korea and Vietnam. Sometimes when demand is high, Samsung’s high-end terminals, Galaxy S or Notebooks are also manufactured in India. One example was the Galaxy S6 Edge, a model that enjoyed huge international demand.

A company that only makes phones in Japan is Kyocera. These are available in the offer of US telecom operators and the company’s newest DuraForce PRO smartphone is a durable mid-range.

Other companies that assemble their phones in factories outside China are Sony (and Japan, India), Apple (in Brazil, India), Lenovo / Motorola (in India), ASUS (in Taiwan and India), TCL / BlackBerry in Canada) or Xiaomi (in India).

In conclusion, if you want to go safe when you boycott “Made in China” phones, you can opt for: a Samsung Galaxy S or Notebook, any HTC, LG or Google Pixel 2. For other brands / models you have to go to the store and check the country where the phone was assembled on the box.

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