Snapchat Prepares Two New Spectacles Spectacles Glasses

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Spectacles from Snapchat was a black spot in Snap Inc.'s recent history, bringing tens of millions of dollars to a company that has never had a profit. However, in 2018 and 2019, the company prepares two new generations of its video camera glasses, with minor upgrades, but welcome

Cheddar claims that Snap Inc. is preparing a new generation of Spectacles that it will launch in the fall of 2018. This new generation could be a simple "face lift" for the original sunglasses launched in 2016. The novelties would be some new shades of color for the frame and resistance to water, something many people would like for a device you most likely use quite often near a pool.

The second generation, which is scheduled for 2019, is somewhat more interesting. This could integrate a dual-camera system, which could add zoom, portrait mode or other similar features that I have encountered over the past few years on smartphones. Last but not least, Cheddar talks about a partnership between Snap Inc. and Warby Parker to integrate Spectacles glasses technology into more "traditional" products

The Cheddar report does not speak about why the first generation of Spectacles has failed to reach a very large audience. The fairly large price (about 150 euros) has kept many users interested in glasses that can make short shots and clips, while initial availability exclusively through physical vendors in the United States and the UK has brought additional hurdles for users.

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