Snapchat rolls out further redesign – after user outcry

At the beginning of the year, Snapchat is making a name for itself with a clear redesign of the operation and layout of the app. The company had set itself the goal of attracting new users to the social media platform. However, the new design did not appeal to many root users, causing controversy. A survey (via Recode) showed that many US users from 18 years to 34 years are dissatisfied with the new look and the resulting operation. According to the survey, a peak of 27 was reached in January 2018, which fell to 12 in April after the redesign. Especially the Millennials prove to be a targeted target group for Snapchat. However, this shares Snap with the Facebook subsidiary Instagram, which has experienced a large user feed in recent months. This could make it much harder for Snapchat to win back users - especially since Instagram has already copied some of the Snapchat features such as the stories.

Already weeks ago we reported another possible redesign to bring back old controls. At the time, Snap first tested the design on a small group of users. Now it has been officially announced that it has begun to provide the revised design to most iOS users. At the same time, the mailbox will also be restored to its old state, so that messages will no longer be prioritized, but will be displayed in reverse chronological order.

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