Snapchat Spectacles v2 waterproof and more expensive

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Starting today, interested parties can order the new Spectacles v2. The starting price is higher than that of the predecessor. But the new version has more to offer.

Spectacles v2 by Snapchat waterproof

For example, the new gadget is waterproof. You can also record videos underwater. If you are capable of doing so. Because, after all, it’s still about sunglasses and not a few people reflexively underwater eyes.

The new model is expected to sell better than its predecessor, the company hopes. From v1 only 220,000 copies were sold. Last but not least, the product was very conspicuous and only limited to use. Above all, the export of the data was awkward. That’s going to get better now.

New gadget coming soon in Europe

Starting today, you can use the gadget in France, Great Britain, Canada and the US sell. This approach also indirectly shows in which markets the product sold best.

From May 3rd, Snapchat wants to offer the Spectacles v2 in 13 other European countries. However, like the previous variant, you can only buy the product in the main via the author’s website.

Spying and Noting Less

In times of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s data scandal, the public becomes Topic privacy discussed. Accordingly, Snapchat could not cope with a similar scandal. But even before this scandal there were discussions about Google Glass and spying on it.

Version 2 of the Spectacles no longer has a flashy yellow ring around the camera unit. That makes them much less noticeable. However, when the camera is turned on / off, LEDs are still lit indicating that the camera is currently operating there.

Better quality , higher price

The new Snapchat sunglasses are significantly more valuable than their predecessors. But it is also $ 20 more expensive; The official selling price for Germany is not yet available.

As mentioned, the product is waterproof and lighter than its predecessor. Also comes the glasses in new “colors” therefore. In the US Snapchat has a cooperation with the optician Lensabl. Users can use eyeglass lenses with strength in the Spectacles v2. Basically, you could do that in Germany, too. The optician of your choice will be able to offer you a comparable service if needed.

Snapchat v1 may soon have photos

The first version of the sunglasses with integrated Snapchat technology will soon be getting a firmware update. This ensures that she, too, can take individual pictures and not just videos.

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