Snapchat Wants to Release Two New Spectacles Eyeglass Cameras

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Although Snapchat With the spectacle camera Spectacles made a loss 40 million dollars, it is now said that the company is working on two new Versio working on Spectacles.

In the fall of 2018, the first model of the second generation is to hit the market. These glasses will be waterproof, work faster and come in new colors on the market.

Following the debut of the new model, Snapchat plans to release a premium version in 2019 with a completely new design, built-in GPS and two camera lenses. This should be possible stereoscopic images.

But there is a problem: The first Spectacles cost 130 US dollars. The premium model will cost up to $ 300. Whether the customers go along, who may have considered the glasses rather than expensive fun, is doubtful.

Snap intends to incorporate AR features into future versions of Spectacles, which in turn could become a rival to Apple’s potential AR glasses, which are supposedly in the works.

Snapchat boss Evan Spiegel has publicly stated that selling hardware in about a decade will be an important part of Snapchat’s business. Maybe Snapchat will license the technique as well. Talks have already been made with major eyewear companies such as Luxottica and Warby Parker.

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