Snapchat: Will Commercials Be Ships That Are Not Skippable?


Advertising has never been skipped on television YouTube and other platforms have also adopted this ad format, making ads at least partially skippable. Now Snapchat wants to jump on this bandwagon as well and will do the first tests on the ad from May onwards.

To prevent misunderstandings: Snapchat will not (for the time being) show ads in the Discover section and by friends and acquaintances. The ads are currently only for their own content such as the reality show "Second Chance" planned.


Even with the length of the advertising you will be shorthand typical Snapchat. They should be around six seconds long and can not be skipped. According to the report, the company wants to get its users accustomed to advertising so they can enjoy free content in the future as well. Already there is advertising in Snapchat, which can be skipped with a wipe. However, according to a study about 69 percent of users are always skip the advertising.

The first tests with the new type of advertising are scheduled to start on May 15, 2018. As so often, the "feature" is only made accessible to a small group of users. Whether the test will be expanded later is not yet known at the time.

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