Snapdragon 700 brings AI technologies into low-cost smartphones


If so far, the only option to experience the most advanced features available on a smartphone was to purchase a model equipped with one of the top chipsets, the options will be somewhat different thanks to Qualcomm's new mid-range chipset

Improving the Snapdragon 600 predecessor's recipe, the new chipset promises to offer the 800 Series features at a lower price. Without disclosing all the details, Qualcomm announces the acquisition of the Spectra Image Processing Engine and the acceleration function of applications using Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the Snapdragon 700 chip. The list continues with Bluetooth 5.0 and Quick Charge 4.0, along with the Adreno graphics engine and the Kyro architecture-based core processor

Another very important detail, the Snapdragon 700 chipset is up to 30% more efficient in terms of power consumption, with a higher CPU performance level

Unfortunately, from the official announcement to the launch of the first Snapdragon 700-powered products, it will take several months, with Qualcomm sending only test samples with the new chipset, with mass production starting after mid-year.

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