Snapdragon 850 is a chipset that promises laptops with autonomy of over 24 hours

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Windows 10 on ARM is a new direction for Microsoft, and its Qualcomm partner seems to be concerned about improving devices based on this operating system. The models released so far have been based on the Snapdragon 835 chipset launched last year for smartphones, and they have not made the 845 Snapdragon at the moment. After announcing the Snapdragon 850 chipset, they will most likely make the straight leap to the new version.

Snapdragon chipsets that will be launched in the near future will be considerably stronger than those released in the past, and Snadpragon 850 is optimized for them. As with other chipsets specifically designed for certain product categories (such as Qualcomm's W2100 or XR1), the new model appears to be based on an already existing design with key point changes to better mold the platform .

As far as we can tell now, the Snapdragon 850 is a revision of the Snapdragon 845. This will provide 30% better performance than the 835 model, more efficient power consumption, which will bring 20% ​​more autonomy and speeds LTE Gigabit Transfer with 20% Larger (1.2 Gbps)

At the architecture level, the Snadpragon 850 integrates the same Kryo 385 core at a 2.95 GHz higher frequency with an Adreno 630 GPU, a Hexagon 685 secondary processor, a Spectra 280 image processor and a LTE Snapdragon X20 modem. It should provide better performance especially in entertainment applications such as 3D games, it should be much better in activities involving AI (Cortana, for example) and will pave the way for new Windows device designs .

Qualcomm boasts over 24 hours of autonomy, which could ensure the use of a laptop for several days with a single charge (assuming that a working day is 8 hours). The first devices with Snapdragon 850 and Windows 10 on ARM will be launched soon, probably next month, to be able to integrate into Back to School promotions.

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