So Apple is trying to move Android users to switch

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In the recently released videos Apple wants to present the user once again the ease and security of iOS. In the first of the two very descriptive clips one moves the App Store in the focus. It shows in a colorful way how safe the app store really is, because it is not automated and is always curated by Apple employees to avoid malicious software.

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The second new video revolves around the iPhone camera and the dual cameras of the newer device generations. Apple sets here by the portrait feature, including “studio lighting” people much better in scene than the competition.

Currently the two videos can only be found on YouTube, but Apple could continue to broadcast the 15-second spots on television or other social media in the near future. Use media channels to get Android users to switch. Whether it will work with such videos, of course, is questionable, but they are always funny. Only a few days ago, there was a surge of fresh videos that have gradually appeared on other platforms and in other countries.

Thematically fitting, Apple poses important questions for changers on a special page, presenting further features that should not be missed.

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