So could look like iOS 12

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A brand new iOS 12 concept from designer ” iOS News And More” shows that iOS could still experience improvements that could fit harmoniously into the overall picture n.

According to the start screen, the app names should be omitted in order to simplify the look. The Sound Bar at the top of the screen should bring a visible and comprehensible volume control on iOS.

The designed by the designers guest mode should also give third party access to the iPhone, but only unlocked by the owner areas. Unfortunately, Face ID is known to register only one face – unlike Touch ID, which of course allows multiple people to leave fingerprints. A new guest mode solves this problem and would be convenient in everyday life as well as in emergency situations.

The concept also tries to visualize a nicer FaceTime with a dark theme and support for group calls as well as a new split-view feature. In addition, there is a clock app with multiple timers and a system-wide dark mode and much more.

Whether Apple will really incorporate such features, is questionable. The company is said to have changed its plans for iOS 12. Instead of relying on many new features with the release of the new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system, the focus should instead be on performance, stability, and troubleshooting.

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