So, the lock screen could be improved in iOS 12

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The last two generations of software Apple worked hard on the lock screen of its iOS devices. With interactive notifications and quick widget access, the handling has improved significantly. This year could be a lot to do and first concepts make the rounds. The concept of iHelp BR stands out clearly. Over the weekend, the blog has unveiled some possible designs that Apple could actually implement quickly.

Above all, the introduction of Apple Watch features should be easy for the company, as watchOS is based on iOS. There has long been a rumor that Apple could bring the complications, the widgets of the smartwatch, on the lock screen of the iPhone. This would give you room for your own quick access as well as additional information. Even third-party complications should be easily implemented here. On the large lock screen, the feature could be expanded by 3D Touch and quickly provide additional details.

Also from Android, a new feature for the lock screen could be adopted thanks to the energy-saving OLED display. Some Android devices already offer a constantly activated display, which displays only the most important information in white text on a black background, such as the number of new messages and the time. This could be solved elegantly. Pressing the side button and the screen darkens, while important elements such as time or complications are displayed in simplified form.

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