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With a new, user-friendly e-book app, Apple plans to launch in autumn 2018. Apple Books, the name of the new iOS app on iOS 12, is intended to provide book lovers with an easy way to use books and audiobooks.

“Apple Books will arouse a passion for reading – it’s a world full of books and books Whether you’re looking for a few minutes or a few hours to immerse yourself in your favorite story, “said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software & Services. “This is our biggest remake of books so far and we hope this beautiful app will delight both customers and authors.”

In Apple Book, readers can quickly access their books via the new ‘read now’ tab or Visit the ‘Library’ tab to see their full collection. The new ‘Read Now’ will reach the books you are reading or listening to. With ‘reading list’ you can manage a wish list with books that you do not yet own. ‘Complete the series’ or ‘For you’ will show books based on those you read recently. It works just like Apple Music.

A new ‘Audiobooks’ tab makes it easy for users to use their favorite hearing aids at home or on the go. Apple Books also has CarPlay connectivity in the car for seamless listening to audiobooks.

The Book Store Tab is part of Apple’s bookstore, where users discover new releases exploring top charts or Apple’s Editors can look at compiled collections and special offers. The bookshop’s new design allows you to switch between books. If you buy and read more books from the store, you will receive personalized recommendations based on purchases made for ‘For You’.

In the ‘Library’ tab you can view your entire collection of books with large, easily recognizable ones Browse cover art including the books downloaded to your device. The view with the already read books shows in a timeline the date on which they were read out.

The new Apple Books App launches this fall with the Book Store in 51 countries and free books in 155 countries Apple with.

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