Sonos will only offer AirPlay 2 for its latest models

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AirPlay 2 brings some new features for users. So it should be possible to simultaneously play music through multiple speakers, even with devices from different manufacturers. For example, music can be played simultaneously in the kitchen and in the living room, even at different volumes. AirPlay 2 should also bring an improved audio buffering.

Also Sonos will support the new Apple standard and confirmed to American media now the devices, which will receive the necessary software update. The bad news: only the current Playbase, Play: 5 and Sonos One models will support AirPlay 2. Older devices are left out. However, there is also reasonably good news: anyone who owns one of the compatible devices in the household can also play the AirPlay 2 stream on all other devices connected to the modern model.

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Sonos PLAY: 1 Wireless Speaker for Music Streaming (Black)

When exactly Sonos will publish the updates required for AirPlay 2 is not yet known. Before that, however, Apple also has to finish work on it first. The standard may be available as of iOS 11.4. Apple may also be up to iOS 12 in the fall time. Actually, the HomePod should be delivered with AirPlay 2, for example, to connect two devices to a stereo pair.

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