Sony focuses on televisions and audio systems in 2018


Last week I participated in a product presentation organized by Sony in Vienna. Here, the company brought all the products it originally announced at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, all aimed at consumers from the ordinary to the most demanding. I have seen OLED 4K TVs as well as Smart Full HD TVs, professional cameras, fast storage solutions, home theater systems for all pockets, wireless speakers and more. In this article we will talk about some of the most interesting products I've seen at the event.

Since televisions are the products that put Sony on the map, it was normal for this range of products to receive special attention in the presentation. While the A1 model last year, based on an OLED panel, remains in the company's offer, being still quite performing to meet the premium user's requirements, the year 2018 brings a new model called the AF8 to the market

The AF8 (available only in 55 or 65 "versions) comes with the same OLED panel and the same X1 Extreme image processor, but changes some aspects of the design chapter. We have to deal with a thinner body and a foot that holds the TV upright, not inclined, as in the case of A1. This also ensures mounting closer to the wall, but also a smaller area occupied when the TV is placed on the table. The Acoustic Surface audio system is also present, with the back of the TV being equipped with low frequency speakers, while the tall ones are played directly through the display surface.

In the chapter of 4K LCD TVs, Sony is promoting the new XF90, a model that will be delivered in four variants: with a 49, 55, 65 or 75 "panel. Compared to last year's XE90, the XF90 comes with an X1 Extreme X1 Extreme processor, more advanced than last year, X-Motion Clarity technology, which keeps details on moving images, superior dynamic contrast and a new design.

The shape of the rear case is more "ordered" and includes the power supply inside the TV, while the support legs are oriented outward at a 45-degree angle, shape that perfectly blends with the new design of the range soundbars 2018.

While Sony has several new soundbar models in its portfolio, by far the most interesting is the HT-XF9000, which complements the XF90 TV experience. It integrates support for technologies such as Dobly Atmos, DTS: X and Sony Vertical Surround Engine, creating a three-dimensional acoustic sound similar to what we receive in top cinema halls.

The WF-SP700N Wireless Headphones also come in the audio playback area. They are in the style of Apple Airpods or Samsung IconX, with individual speakers and a box that ensures charging when not in use. They are waterproof, certified with the IPX4 standard, provide well defined low frequency sound using Sony EXTRA BASS technology and can eliminate ambient noise by using surround sound cancellation technology

I have seen other models of audio systems like the XB-10, XB21 and XB31 wireless speakers. They benefit from EXTRA BASS technology, and some models deliver simultaneous playback on multiple units. The top models are equipped with both RGB LEDs and a way for users to create songs by hitting the casing. Those who need audio systems for parties can, however, call the Sony V81D, which comes with LIVE SOUND functionality, USB, Bluetooth or cable streams, 360-degree lights and last but not least the TAIKO functionality that turns the party from the top into a real musical instrument.

All of these products will be available on the European market in the next few months, some of which are still in prototype stage

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