Sony introduced the "future TV" with 8K resolution and huge diagonal


TV makers have barely perfected devices capable of displaying 4K content, but Sony and a few other players in this market are already thinking about the future, targeting a four times higher resolution: 8K. Although not the first 8K TV we hear about, the Sony X1 Ultimate Full-Spec HDR 8K Display from Sony, presented at CES 2018, is by far the most impressive, delivering more performance than the most performing and expensive professional display available on the market at the moment

CES is a fair that revolves around display technology, so it's not out of the ordinary to see technology presentations that can get into the hands of consumers over the next four or five years. Sony presented a 85 "diagonal panel capable of displaying 8K resolution (7680 x 4230 pixels) with unmatched brightness: 10,000 cd / m2

Given the current top-of-the-line TVs stopping at somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 cd / m2, and Dolby's professional HDR video editors reach 4,000 cd / m2, Sony is up to date with fiction.

Of course, the base of this TV is a powerful X1 Ultimate processor capable of delivering twice as good performance as its predecessor, the X1 Extreme, which is found in the company's most advanced range of televisions

It's unclear, however, what technology Sony uses to provide this extended brightness. OLED panels are generally less bright than those with backlighting, while illuminated panels offer less contrast. The company has previously unveiled a television that has an area lighting system with 1,000 possible configurations called Backlight Master Drive, and the X1 Ultimate Full-Spec HDR 8K Display could use a more advanced version

When it comes to content for such a display, we already have professional camcorders capable of recording at 8K resolution, while the Dolby Vision HDR standard provides theoretical support for displays with luminosity of up to 10,000 cd / m2. Of course, there is no price for this TV, which is a simple prototype, but when it comes to the market, it will certainly not be cheap

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