Sony reveals new range of 4K HDR TVs with OLED and LCD screens


Sony introduced the new range of 4K HDR OLED TVs in the premium range. The BRAVIA OLED A1 series uses the One Slate design, combining the image quality of the OLED screen and Acoustic Surface technology, which allows you to play sound directly from the screen. Part of the BRAVIA OLED new AF8 range features the Sony 4K HDR Extreme processor and Acoustic Surface technology

Sony has expanded its range of LCD TVs by adding new premium 4K HDRs to the offer. The XF90 is equipped with the X1 Extreme processor and covers 75 ", 65", 55 "and 49" diagonals

As the screen size increases, the motion blur effect may be noticeable, especially in scenes that play high-speed images. XF90 resolves blur with X-Motion Clarity and Sony dimming directly from the LED panel

The XF900 has a design compatible with the new Dolby Atmos, HT-XF9000 sound bar. The combination of the XF90 and the HT-XF9000 creates an atmosphere similar to that of the cinema in the home

Both AF8 and XF90 are compatible with Dolby Vision, Dolby Laboratories HDR format

The new series of Sony, XF85 and XF80 4K HDR TV sets will be available from 2018.

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