Sony will replace the Xperia Home interface on its smartphones

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It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the viewer. Personally, I appreciated the Xperia Home interface used by Sony on its smartphones, because it offers more customization options than other phone manufacturers, including a welcome icon for the size of the icons. It seems, however, that it will be changed with a new launcher the company is working on.

It has been thought for a while that Sony will move to the Android launcher, but that's not the case. Sony has announced that it will shut down the Beta community for Xperia Home and that the app will no longer receive new features, entering the "maintenance phase".

No details about the new app or the date it will be available for now. Most likely, Sony will launch the new launcher with Android P this fall. The Japanese company is moving fast when it comes to new software updates, so Xperia smartphone owners will not have to wait too long.

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